Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day Eight- Cochran 2009 Southeast Tour

Another day come and gone and I am really starting to run out of things to say. Eight days of blogging is hard! Anyway we were in Nashville all day. Went to the Opry Mills Mall and toured the Opryland Hotel. WOW!! What a hotel. I felt like we were back at Disneyworld instead of in Nashville, TN in a hotel. They even have a boat ride inside the hotel. The kids were dying to do it. It was actually fun. Nothing exciting but very informational. Not a lot of pictures tonight, we really didn't take that many. Plus the camera is acting up. I think it "ate" to much sand at the beach. Until tomorrow~

Can you believe this is in a hotel?

Yup this too!

What a bunch of goof-balls.

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