Friday, July 31, 2009

So Many Reasons Why I Love Blake

It has seemed like a really long summer, but at the same time it has gone really fast. Needless to say Blake and I haven't gotten along 100% this summer, so I thought it would be good for me to remember all the reasons why I do love him to death and can overlook the things that drive me nuts.

  • His "Blakey" colored eyes! The doctor says they are hazel, but I still prefer "Blakey" colored.
  • The way his eyes sparkle and twinkle when he is laughing and being nothing but ornery.
  • The way he calls Ava "big girlie"
  • The way he complains about having to watch Ava's movies, but yet after she is long gone he is still sitting there glued to the screen.
  • When he climbs in bed with me after Ryan leaves. He says he is not tired, but minutes later he is sound asleep.
  • The way he talks about Jesus and thinks He is pretty cool!
  • The way he masters any electronic device he touches.
  • When he always chooses fruit before anything else to eat.
  • His ears. They stick out just a bit, but they are perfect to nibble on.
  • The way he hates yet loves it when I make his toes "pop".
  • The way he still drags along his "blue blankie" even though he will be in 1st grade.
  • The amazing things he has taught Ava whether I wanted her to know them or not. She is one smart cookie and I really owe the credit to Blake.
  • His favorite game to play on Wii is the original Mario Brothers. I find that hilarious!
  • The way he rescues me from frogs.
  • His "see through" skin. You can almost see every vein in his body. We think it is pretty cool though. But he asks me way to many questions about it.
  • And my favorite of all... Even when we have a bad day, he can't wait for me to tuck him in at night, kiss him, and tell him that I love him. Thanks Buddy! I love you too!