Monday, March 23, 2009

Random Pictures

Okay so it has been awhile and I am too lazy to sort these out into actual categories, so I am going to clump them together and just write captions underneath. Sorry! I will get the hang of this blogging thing eventually!

We went to the park in Knoxville and had a blast! It is a really fun place. The kids are standing on a wooden pirate ship. They loved the slide. It was actually the fastest one there.

I even got in on the act! It was actually fun. I think I am too old for all the spinning though!

Wow! He can smile and be so handsome when he wants too!

A slight explosion in the microwave! Some friends and I were melting wax to make samples. Well we heard this small little "poof". We opened the microwave and this is what we saw. Ha ha It was so funny, I thought! I wanted a new one anyway! Notice it didn't get on the sides or the top, just the bottom.

Blake's kindergarten class and Ava had a field trip to the Teddy Bear Clinic at the local community college. It was so cute! Their teddy's got checked and they learned a lot about being safe, keeping clean, and exercise.